Artist Collaborations

Solo/Team Collaborative Efforts

—These are all the wonderful individuals within the comic industry who I have at some point in my career been fortunate enough to collaborate with on a project or two in the past… 😀


    • Carlo Barberi: Penciller (Marvel)
    • Jorge Cortes: Colorist (Marvel/Zenescope)
    • Mike DeBalfo: Penciller (Zenescope/Aspen)
    • Ula Moś: Colorist (Marvel/IDW/Aspen)
    • Ryan Kincaid: Penciller (Zenescope/Big Dog Ink)
    • Alex Kotkin: Penciller (Zenescope/Aspen/IDW)
    • Angel Medina: Penciller (Marvel/Image)
    • Jonathan Lau: Penciller (Dynamite)
    • Steve Erwin: Penciller (DC)
    • Hedwin Zaldivar: Colorist (Zenescope)
    • Sanju Nivangune: Colorist (Zenescope)
    • Tom Tenney: Penciller (Marvel)
    • Jann Galino: Penciller (Azure Press)
    • Jay Sloan: Penciller (Transgenesis)
    • Collette Turner: Penciller (Rothic/Badassical)
    • Dino Agor: Penciller (RIA/No Gravity Studios)
    • Phillip Steele: Penciller (Marvel)
    • James Bukauskas: Penciller (Big Dog Ink)
    • Jeff Balke: Colorist (Marvel/Zenescope)
    • Eroll See: Penciller (CCP)
    • Jeff Mueth: Penciller (CCP)
    • Ray Johnson: Penciller
    • Preston Asevedo: Penciller (CCP)
    • Tyler Kenney: Penciller (Uncharted Industries)