Recaps of conventions I have attended or cool things going on in my every day life that I find pertinent enough to disclose for you here 🙂



Dallas Comic Con – May 29th-31st

  • I know I’m late with this entry but I wanted to briefly re-cap my experience at the DCC this past May. I had the pleasure of filling in for Kerry Gammill on day 2 of the show where I was situated in artist alley between Steve Erwin and Keith Wilson whom have helped me on my comic journey for a long time now as I have continued to progress further along as an inker. Not only did I pick up a lot of wonderful experience at a much larger venue than I had previously been accustomed to, but I also had the opportunity to work on some new commissions for fans while I was there. At the conclusion of that day however, Steve told me he had some deadlines he needed to complete before Monday and if I wanted to fill his spot in artist alley on Sunday I could and consequently promote the Citizen of the Galaxy graphic novel which I might be given some pages from to ink later on. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the opportunity, and I took full advantage of it.

On top of that my friend Phillip Steele dropped by the booth and that culminated into further opportunity as I now will be appearing with him at the Capital City Comic Con in Austin later this month. Overall the booth and I were busy and I was able to chat with Kerry Gammill and Joe Eisma throughout the entirety of the day which helped make this particular show for me and my involvement with it the most memorable experience I have had at a comic book show in a long time. Thanks again, to everyone who helped the newbie out those two days haha 🙂

North Texas Comic Con

  • A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of getting to spend an extended amount of time speaking with Scott Hanna and Tom Raney at a one day show that I was attending here in Dallas. While we discussed in length the trend of comic book companies toward their character creators and the role of an inker now within the industry, they both also took the time to look over some of my inks and provided me with some in depth critiques about what tool would work best to produce that particular splatter or line effect (so on and so forth). I found to be very helpful and informative especially since Scott is known for producing a ton of different textures while inking over the last 25 years.

    I was also fortunate enough to have them both contribute to a jam piece which included a number of other artists at the show such as Michael Lark & Tom’s former teacher Jose Delbo. Jose, who was the special guest of the show and a former teacher at the Joe Kubert school also took time to talk to me about brush work and reverting back to the strong dynamic lines that classic age artists became famous for. Overall it was a fantastic experience, and one I don’t think many people get when at a large show :D

Irving, TX: Sci-Fi Expo – Feb. 8th-9th

  • So I just got back from the Sci-Fi Expo here in Irving, TX this past weekend, where there were a lot of great comic and media guest appearances including my good friend & colorist Jeff Balke. As is the case most of the time, we had conversations at length concerning the industry and how it has been constantly changing over the past few years… some for the better and others for the worse. However, at the end of the day, while the comic industry may change it doesn’t mean the individuals within it have to sacrifice personal integrity and their beliefs to match those within the industry.

One of the more prevalent examples would be Bernard Chang’s vehement opposition to the new Rai design and its use of Japan’s flag of the rising sun as part of its costume. Obviously he finds no qualms in discussing his distaste for the design choice despite what fan/editor reactions may be towards such an opinion. Another hot topic was the requirement of payment for certain industry artists signatures at conventions and signings. While it may be an obvious monetary making entity, does it not also alienate some of the fans who helped make that individual the star they are today? Furthermore, does the overall importance of consistently being a published artist sometimes detract from the original drive and inspiration we all had when trying to break into the industry before we had made it?

Obviously we discussed a number of interesting things, so if any of you would like to put your two cents in I’ll be happy to see what the fans think.