My Job Is That Of An Inker





with the overarching world of comics and the characters that existed within it at an early age, I always resonated with the concept of justice and honor as seen in such DC and Marvel heroes like Batman and Captain America. It was not until my adolescent years though, that I actually gravitated toward the art side of comics and began to doodle out sketches of my own. Inspired by the likes of Bob Layton, David Finch, and Michael Turner I had initially wanted to potentially pencil sequential pages myself later down the road. However, I found out rather quickly that there was nothing quick about my penciling.

Fast Forward

I became exposed to the inks of Danny Miki, Scott Williams, Matt Batt Banning, Jonathan Glapion, Wally Wood and Joe Sinnott, and I immediately knew what I was passionate about doing. This is around the time when I completely immersed myself into the concept of inking and what it meant to be a finisher on sequential pages of comic art. The “tracer” mentality that people seemed to correlate with inking never resonated well with me and I always wanted to emphasize that inkers were artists in their own right. This is the fuel that still drives me to constantly improve my art today.


By  forming a vast social network between myself and some of the most prominent leading figures in both games and comics over the years, I have been able to collaborate on projects with numerous individuals from both Marvel and DC as well as Zenescope and other independent publishers. As such, I currently have publication credits on the series – “Grimm Fairy Tales: Heroes Reborn,” Hellchild: The Unholy,” “Escape From Monster Island,” “Light-Earth,” “Notti & Nyce,” “Gin-Ryu,” “Zombie Tramp,” “If.. Powers,” “Transgenesis,” “Anthology of Nightmares & Dreams,” as well as the graphic novel “Gapo The Clown.” I also work regularly with other studio pencillers on conceptual art designs and exclusive print layouts for conventions. While my primary role in the comic industry now is that of an inker, I have penciled/inked cover work for Zenescope Comics, Contraband/Counterpoint Comics, Caliber Comics, No Gravity Studios, RIA Comics and Gin-Ryu which is currently featured on Amazon books.