These are various commissions I have worked on in the past for fans or studios done either completely by myself from pencil to ink or collaborative with another penciller whose name will be listed.

Kratos - God of War - Mike DeBalfo

Deadpool/Venom Back In Black - Carlo Barberi

Undead Harley Quinn

Supergirl - Mike DeBalfo

Masters of the Universe Teela - Mike DeBalfo

Harley Cop - Ryan Kincaid

Green Lantern - James Bukauskas

Wolverine vs Joker - Alex Kotkin

Batman vs Superman - Phillip Steele

X-Men Cable - Jonathan Lau

Wolverine vs Joker - Alex Kotkin

Gotham Sirens - Ryan Kincaid

Spider-Gwen - Phillip Steele

Spider-Man vs Green Goblin - Angel Medina

The Lizard - James Bukauskas

Slade Wilson - Steve Erwin

Defenders - Alex Kotkin

Red Hood - Jann Galino

TMNT Mikey - James Bukauskas

Flash - Eroll See

Deathstroke - Steve Erwin

Supergirl - Ryan Kincaid

Valkyrie - MC Wyman

Supergirl - Phillip Steele

Hawkeye - Mohammad Jilani

Heart of Texas Print - Mark Anthony

Poison Ivy - Ebas

Spirited Away/Totoro

Red Sonja - M.C. Wyman

Chibi Marvel Universe - Ryan Kincaid

Batman vs Deathstroke - Steve Erwin